Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely Blog Award

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Thank you Studio618, for the Lovely Blog Award. That was very generous! You may view Studio618's blog at: You may view her shop at:

Seven facts about myself include the following:

1) I am an Archaeologist

2) I earned a Master’s degree  in Cultural Anthropology

3) I am a Hospice volunteer

4) I am an in home caregiver

5) My undergraduate major was Education and Biblical Studies.

6) I founded Ju’s Creations in 2005.

7) The first time I sold my embroidery was at age 15, I filled a custom order.

I would like to award the Lovely Blog Award to the following people:

1) Sharon Fullen--

2) Shannon Rochon--

3) Nathalie Girard-

4) Leslie Gidden--

5) Traci Patena--

6) Quirky--

7) South Paw Studios--