Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely Blog Award

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Thank you Studio618, for the Lovely Blog Award. That was very generous! You may view Studio618's blog at: You may view her shop at:

Seven facts about myself include the following:

1) I am an Archaeologist

2) I earned a Master’s degree  in Cultural Anthropology

3) I am a Hospice volunteer

4) I am an in home caregiver

5) My undergraduate major was Education and Biblical Studies.

6) I founded Ju’s Creations in 2005.

7) The first time I sold my embroidery was at age 15, I filled a custom order.

I would like to award the Lovely Blog Award to the following people:

1) Sharon Fullen--

2) Shannon Rochon--

3) Nathalie Girard-

4) Leslie Gidden--

5) Traci Patena--

6) Quirky--

7) South Paw Studios--

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Vote For Me!

The San Diego East County Team has a Fourth of July contest. Please click the link and vote for my Stars and Stripes Forever Potholder Set.


Thank you Studio618 for featuring my Cozy Kittens pillow on your blog. Please look her up and check it out.