Monday, May 18, 2009

Embroidery was a craft that I can remember my mother and grandmother participating in. My mom had inherited an antique metal spring action hoop and between watching her and watching my friend, I decided one day that I would like to learn how to embroider. Cozy Kittens was one of the first patterns that I used. It took me a long time but I made a table cloth for my doll's tea table. I was hooked! The next project would take me from 1977-1982, to complete. I was bored one day and needed a project and we had received some Aunt Martha Christmas transfers from America, so I asked my mom if she could help me design a Christmas table runner. We ironed on the designs in an afternoon and I spent my spare time ebroidering an heirloom. In 1979, I joined a afternoon girls club in my neighborhood and they were teaching embroidery and they inquired if I wwould need a project; I showed them my table runner and continued to work on it steadily until it's completion on New Years Day 1982.

When I founded my business in 2005, my cousin told me I would not make any money as embroidery is such a small niche and a dying art. We attended the Del Mar fair and he apologized since woodworking, embroidery, and quilting was in the same building.One of the most encouraging books I've read about business is Do What You Love, And the Money Will Follow.

Keep believing in your art. Anything worth doing takes time. Keep your dreams in focus.